Not in the History Books

Not in the History Books is a spoof on History as it used to be taught in English schools. Hugh Delamere has combined his sharp wit and skill as a storyteller to produce this intriguing alternative history. In it you’ll find the origin of Colman’s Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce and Beef Wellington. You’ll also read about how Lord Delamere’s forebears helped develop the Labrador breed of dogs and why a consignment of rusty rifles can be found in the cement of the old water tanks in Soysambu. Lord Delamere, who spent some time working for Gilbert Colvile on Ndabibi Estate in Naivasha, also includes a story on how Colvile got his revenge on government officials after he shot some giraffes that were knocking down the phone lines. Lord Delamere tells a few stories on his grandfather, the pioneer Lord Delamere, who had some memorable run-ins with the railway stationmaster at Elementeita. He even tells how the last bullet shell from the German cruiser Konigsberg exploded on Soysambu in 2014, almost 100 years after it was recovered from the Germans in Tanganyika.

As the author says in the Preface, “My collection of vignettes may be imaginary, invented or untrue,” but they are his best attempt to fill in the gaps in History as taught in school. Which is why the content of this book is Not in the History Books.

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