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Among Whistling Thorns

by Joan Booth



A Field Guide to Murder

by Shel Arensen



Not In The History Books

by Hugh Delamere



Where Antelope Roam

by Jon Arensen



The Sultan's Spymaster

by Judy Aldrick



Poison of the Arrow

by Iain MacDonald



Culture Clash

by Rupert Watson


The Red Pelican

by Jon Arensen

Leopard in the Kitchen

by Old Africa magazine

Endless Horizons

by Michael Prettejohn


Drinking the Wind

by Jon Arensen


Under the Shadow of the Oath

by Mary Casey



The Fannin Papers

by Judy Aldrick


Chasing the Rain

by Jon Arensen and Richard Lyth


Kifaru Kids







What Do You See

by Heather Adkins