Getting out into the bush was the best thing about going to school at Rift Valley Academy for me. We had a huge playground – the wild out-of-doors. Once we hiked a few miles northwestward along the railway to climb Kijabe Hill. We found heavy old tires near the top and sent them crashing down the mountain, squashing bushes. We laughed hard when a reedbuck and a duiker ran for their lives. Coming back we ran and climbed on a freight train chugging uphill. Didgie (Dave Johnson) missed getting on with the rest of us, so he caught the caboose. Hanging on, he looked up – into the black-bearded brown face of an Indian Sikh with neat red turban.

β€œYes, how far?” the Sikh man said in a deep friendly voice.

Stanley Barnett in an unpublished memoir