I just posted a poem about Africa and the memories one has after leaving the continent. It was posted on a facebook group called Kenyan friends reunited. We are wondering if any Old Africa readers or friends knows who wrote the poem.

As I read it, it brought back memories of when I left my high school in Kenya and traveled to the USA for university. Somehow, I could never get Africa out of my mind. I healed my homesickness with cups of chai shared with Ben Mshila, a Kenyan friend at the same school in California where we both played soccer and rugby.

My book, Dust of Africa, is a deeper look at the transitions faced by those of us who were raised in Africa but have ancestral roots in Europe or America. Old Africa books recently published a book Tribal Origins that speaks about the same issues. There is a powerful theme of finding where home is when you’ve grown up in a different country and culture. 

So, if you know the author of the poem, get in touch. If you want to read more about living between worlds, read Dust of Africa or Tribal Origins. Both are available on the bookstore on our website.